Leak Detection

Typical Applications:

  • Vacuum Process Chambers
  • Automotive Components
  • Power Generation
  • Vacuum furnaces and heat treatment
  • Refrigeration Components
  • High Energy Physics
  • General R&D
  • Semiconductor Production
  • Pharmaceutical Process Vessels and Bioreactors
  • Underground Pipes and Storage Tanks
  • Water Heating and Cooling Pipes

Agilent Vacuum Products most commonly used in Leak Detection:

Agilent HLD Series Helium Leak Detectors

helium leak detector
  • Precise, powerful, and easy to use
  • Disegned for your confidelce, configured for your application

Understanding Leak Detection

Agilent PHD-4 Portable Helium Detector

leak detection for vacuum systems
  • Lightweight and battery power allows the ultimate in portability
  • Superior sensitivity to IR and thermocouple devices



VS C-15 Component

component for leak detection
  • Easy integration into OEM systems
  • Wide variety of communication options



Wireless Remote

  • Wireless Remote Extend the range and flexibility of your leak detection approach with our wireless remote accessory. Working in conjunction with our entire VS range, the remote sensor analyzes the trend and relative size of leaks up to 100 meters from the leak detector.



Harsh Environment Probe

harsh probe ov
  • Discover and locate leaks in applications that would normally significantly damage leak detectors with our Harsh Environment Probe. Helping you meet the demanding requirements of chemical plants or power generation facilities with ease.

















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